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The 4Cs of Online Success

It is commonly believed by people that just by putting all their products online, they will capture a global audience waiting to buy their products and get rich. For most cases this approach will result in failure, as there is fierce competition out there amongst others trying to do exactly the same thing as you. Online success requires having the right tools, the right process and an affordable website. We call this the 4Cs of online success.


Good content addresses your customer's information needs. It provides answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. This is what is going to keep them on your site. Search engines also like good content, increasing your chances of getting a good position in the Google search results. Good content together with some good search engine optimization will get people to your website. This is the first step to online success.


Credibility is very important because your potential customers will initially be scared of you. They will be scared of giving you their personal information, particularly their credit card details. Credibility begins with good content, so that's why "Content" is the first of the 4Cs. Next you should write openly about yourself and let people know the street address of your office so people know you are a real person that works from a real office. A photo of yourself will also help. Affordable Web Site Design provides support for Blogs, Forums and Customer Testimonials. If you take advantage of these on your website this will also increase credibility.


Conversion is your primary goal as it is how you make money. You must "delicately" direct people to your primary goal. To do this you must have the right tools and the right products. Affordable Web Site Design provides a world class eCommerce system with a user-friendly product catalogue interface and a quick and easy checkout process. If for some reason you are unable to achieve your primary goal then your backup goal should be to capture the potential customer's contact details so that you can have another go at conversion in the future. For this you need the right tools. You need to have an online enquiry form and an online newsletter signup form. However, the strongest method for achieving your backup goal is to offer a free gift in exchange for their contact details.


The fourth C is all about looking after the customer. In the third C you have converted a viewer into a paying customer. Now we need to ensure we have a fast and effective post sales process so that our customer ends up with a positive experience. After that, we need to track the customer's behaviour and determine what the customer likes and dislikes. Once we have done all this, we can fine tune our email marketing campaigns so that they are actually wanted and appreciated, leading to more sales. It is far less expensive selling to an existing customer than trying to acquire and sell to a new customer. This is why the fourth C is so important. Affordable Web Site Design provides an integrated customer relationship management system, a world class email marketing system and customizable business workflows with email and SMS alerts that will give you all the help you need to make sure you do a good job at looking after your customer. Also, Affordable Web Site Design can provide your website with a forum that will allow your customers to interact get value from one another.

Web Tools required to implement the 4Cs

Affordable Web Site Design has all the Web tools you need to implement this highly successful process at an affordable price. See our features page for more information.