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Affordable Web Site Design believes in making available good effective income generating websites or online businesses (eCommerce websites) at affordable prices by using "next generation" web technology. Sole traders and small to medium size businesses can now save thousands of dollars using an affordable web design technique called "next generation" web technology.

Next Generation Web Technology - The way we make websites affordable!

So what is next generation web technology? The best way to describe this is with an analogy. Before Henry Ford introduced the modern day assembly line, automobiles were relatively expensive, custom made and out of reach of most people. After Henry Ford introduced the assembly line, prices of automobiles dropped significantly, the speed of production increased significantly and automobiles became available to the masses. He started a revolution that transformed the entire automobile industry.

Next Generation Web Technology is going to do to web design what Henry Ford did to automobiles. It will revolutionise web design, significantly reduce its cost, increase the speed of production and make it available to the masses. How will it do this? Stop and think for a moment about the new car you purchased some time ago or are considering in the future. The price is within your reach because your new car gets produced on an assembly line. If it were custom made, it would cost more than ten times the price and would be well out of your reach. Are you upset because your new car is not custom made? Not at all, as long as you have a limited number of options to choose from to help "personalise" the car.

The bottom line is that most people would prefer to pay less and have a limited number of design options to "personalise" their website, than pay ten times the price for a custom web site with unlimited design options.

Affordable Web Site Design makes online businesses affordable by limiting the number of design options but at the same time ensuring that the number of options available are extensive enough to cover the majority of common business needs.

Specifically, our graphic design options are limited to a range of professionally designed website templates, designed to meet the majority of business needs. Also, after you have chosen your website template, like your chosen automobile, you will know upfront what it will look like before you part with your money.

In addition, our software options are limited but can be "personalised" to suite most business requirements. We even have an application builder that will build a custom database into your website that your customers can search. For example you might be a Real Estate agent and want a database of searchable properties to display or a recruitment firm that wants a database of searchable job descriptions to display or a car dealer that wants a database of searchable cars to display with photos. You will be surprised just how flexible our system is. You can even prepare the data offline using a spreadsheet and import it to speed up the process.

If you have read this far, the idea of Next Generation web technology may have started to grow on you. However, you need to know who you will be dealing with. You need to know that you can trust us to deliver on our promise. You need to know that you will be happy with the result, so here is some information about our director to help alleviate your concerns.

Jim Cassimatis
Director, Affordable Web Site Design


From 1998 to 2004 Jim worked as a Software Manager in a large Australian multinational technology and gaming company (Aristocrat Leisure Limited). During that time he was responsible for the company's core software used in the company's key products. Today, these key products are responsible for the success of the company, having significantly increased the company's revenue and profits over time. Jim was acknowledged for his work, in the 2001 annual report, when the company received the prestigious iAward from the Australian Information Industry Association.

Jim's software development team developed the company's MK6 video graphics engine known as "AVL" that underlies the game software and gives it the ability to do advanced video graphics.

During Jim's time as Software Manager he was involved in major company technological decisions, including video graphics, hardware, software, development tools, computer languages and operating systems.

Today Jim helps companies become successful on the web through his company, Affordable Web Site Design Pty Ltd, by tapping into and passing on his vast knowledge and experience that he developed over the last 19 years working in the IT industry. His All-In-One eCommerce website design package includes email marketing, a common contact database, wesbite templates and a content management system.